Quality, high end commercial grade wood chairs. Seating depot sells only quality wood chairs for home or commercial use. Our wood chairs come in a variety of wood finishes and you can choose from over 150 vinyl seat options in addition to traditional wood seats. Browse Seating Depot's collection of solid beachwood chairs for your home, kitchen , office or restaurant seating needs.
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Picture of M Metal Chair
$75.00 (USD)
$29.00 (USD)

Picture of Elizabeth Wood Chair
$89.00 (USD)
$39.00 (USD)

Picture of Windsor Chair - New
$55.00 (USD)
$45.00 (USD)

Picture of Arrow Back Wood Chair

$45.00 (USD)

Picture of Napolean Side Chair

$49.00 (USD)

Picture of Overlook Wood chair

$59.00 (USD)

Picture of Windsor chair Set of 2

$60.00 (USD)

Picture of Infiniti Chair

$69.00 (USD)

Picture of Windsor Arm Chair

$69.00 (USD)

Picture of Diana Wood Chair

$75.00 (USD)

Picture of Schoolhouse Chair

$75.00 (USD)

Picture of Legacy Wood Sidechair

$79.00 (USD)

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